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Services & Staff

A History of Public Service
For over 100 years, the Forsyth-Stokes-Davie County Medical Society has been the professional organization of all physicians in our community regardless of specialty or type of practice.  As such we fill a unique role in addressing local needs of physicians and our patients.  We are a constituent society of the North Carolina Medical Society, which together with other state societies forms the American Medical Association.

Medical Societies are the vehicles through which physicians act in concert with their colleagues to improve, and protect, their profession and to advocate for the health of their patients and that of the community at large.

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Officers & Executive Committee
  Medical Professionals & the Executive Staff that direct our organization

Grievance Procedures
  How we manage grievances within the Society

Related Organizations
  Organizations providing affiliated services to our members, their office staff, and spouses.

Patient Resources
  Links to where patients can learn more about the medical profession

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