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Grievance Process

Patient Grievance Procedures
Patients who are having a dispute or misunderstanding with a physician may file a complaint with the Society. Our Board of Censors will mediate, at no charge, if a resolution of the situation seems feasible. Keep in mind that the Medical Society has no legal authority to impose a binding solution upon either party. Complaints are accepted if:

  • The grievance is submitted in writing.
  • The physician involved is a member of the Society.
  • You have neither retained an attorney in the matter nor filed a legal suit against your physician.
  • The grievance does not involve an allegation of illegal or highly unethical misconduct, which, if true, could lead to removal of license. Such complaints are properly referred to the North Carolina Medical Board.
Your complaint should be mailed to: Medical Society, 2135 New Walkertown Road Winston-Salem, NC 27101

North Carolina Medical Board
The North Carolina Medical Board was established by the General Assembly "in order to properly regulate the practice of medicine and surgery for the benefit and protection of the people of North Carolina." The Board grant licenses to practice medicine and impose discipline, including removal of license, if necessary.

You may file a complaint directly with the North Carolina Medical Board by writing to them at: P.O. Box 2007, Raleigh, NC 27619. Their telephone number is: 1-800-253-9653. Their web site (ncmedboard.org) allows you to “Look up a Licensee.” It will tell you if the physician or a physician assistant is licensed and if there has been disciplinary action that is public information.

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